Portraits of Mandela from COSAT students

December 16, 2013

As too few people have had to hear me talk about, I got to work with a bunch of wonderful kids in South Africa last summer. One of the sites where we did comics journalism workshops was the Center (whoops, I meant Centre) Of Sciences And Technology (COSAT), a pretty stunning magnet school started and run more-or-less single handedly by one awesome woman.

To get the youths exposed to digital illustration software and tablet usage (they were really pumped about learning how to do digital graphics, I blame Pixar) I asked them to draw me a picture of Nelson/Madiba/Tata Mandela. It was less an effort to have them embrace portraiture and explore national identity, and more a reflection of the fact that there’s lots and lots of Mandela stuff around schools in South Africa.

Here are two drawings from my students, Nolebulele and Yonela.

Their signatures are the best part.


She was a little embarrassed hers came out looking so much like Obama.

Here’s a photo of the two artists holding some of my dumb art.


Here’s mine. Obv. sucks big time in comparison.


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