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You Are But Meat.

September 7, 2012

As excited and deeply personally and emotionally and creatively committed as I am to building the immersive and lucratively toy-able fictional universe of “FlowState,” this project is definitely not in danger of being completed any time too soon.

But, I and the rest of GPlay’s creative staff have produced scores of sketches and plot points. Such as this super saiyan freestyle showdown between Vince (our hero) and a cybernetic self-aware AI by the name of “TOR,” that I would like to share with you now:


Updated artwork to come, just keeping you in the loop.

See you Byters in the FlowState.

GPlay’s wonderful stuff

May 8, 2012

My friend Alex Gomez and I have been relatively hard at work on our new project/group GPlay these last few weeks. In addition to all sorts of digital stuff, we made some hard copies of our comic “This Bytes” and trading/battle cards for our next big thing, a comic book series/imaginationscapeworld called Flow State. If anyone’s in the mood for a copy of this stuff toss me an email @ grahamclarkstecklein @ gmail . com and I’ll be more than happy to provide. The comic covers and the cards are on high-quality cardstock because our publisher (a.k.a. Carlos at CopyCat) is kind to a fault.

I’m really excited about Flow State — it’s a scifi hip-hop deal, where rap battles take place in digital settings and characters break through to Super-Sayian-like levels of power and proficiency when shit gets real. We made this series of trading cards to help us develop our characters and other elements of the Flow State world. We’re still working on a script at the moment; once this baby’s ready to go I’ll make sure everyone on earth has a copy in their hands.

We handed out copies of all this shtuff at the Eagle Rock Mini Comic-Con last Cinco De Mayo, an event that was a real blast. I go way way way in depth about how that was on the GPlay Tumblr, and the cool kind of merch I picked up there. I’m trying to keep a mindful distinction between this personal blog and the team effort of GPlay, so I left commentary on the local artists I met over there. But I had some thoughts I thought would be best suited for this platform.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I like people who make comics, by and large. I concluded that making something by hand, especially carrying it from conception to completion by yourself or with the help of a few friends, might help people stay relatively grounded and approachable.

Obviously I’m speaking in generalizations. But I venture to guess that without an oversized de-humanizing system (I’m thinking of the mainstream comics machine in, say, the 1990s) mixing things up, the people making this stuff maintain an unavoidably direct relationship with their work.

That is to say, I noticed that if you make a comic that sucks, you get stuck carrying around copies of a sucky comic for quite some time. I think that’s part of why the stuff I saw on Saturday, pretty much across the board, did not suck. Even the free stickers and business cards. Having footed 50% of the bill to print our comics and cards myself, I can vouch for the following: if you cover all the costs of making something yourself, and it just plain blows, then that whole gnarly investment just sits there uglying up the place. So I guess that’s one upshot of the DIY nature of contemporary comics. Whether it’s digital or in print, there’s very little to distract you from the quality of your work when you’re a one-man-band.

TTFN. See you all in the Flow State.

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