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Reporting Is Hunting In The Dark

October 21, 2013

This instructional comic is the result of a semester I spent as an adjuct instructor at New College of Florida in 2011. Students’ needs and questions shaped the nature of this piece, which was printed and distributed at the L.A. Comics and Zine Festival and the Eagle Rock Mini Comics Festival in 2012.















¡Dos medias por el red!

June 10, 2012

I wonder how many blog updates start with the words “big news’? I bet it’s a lot. But nevertheless…

Big news.

Two cool things I get to be associated with dropped on the internet recently. First, the new digital issue of the Oyster Kiln has been released. A selection from my co-produced comic “This Bytes” made the cut. I like the folks who made it so much I even drew an image for them to use as the cover, which they didn’t use, for reasons that are obvious if you look at Natalie Catasus’ facsimile is saying. Here it is:


I’m really proud of it, regardless. But what I’m even more proud of is my friend Peter’s contribution, “Awake.” I think it’s at least one of the best short stories ever written, and the inspiration for the drawing above. You can read the whole thing here, but here’s the selection that floors me:

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been overstimulated and underwhelmed. But in these moments I feel balance.”

There’s really funny parts too, though, like this:

“I lean in closer to the microphone. I like salmon sashimi, I said.”

In other news, I’m officially feeling a lot more like a real journalist since my first piece got published by Neon Tommy, a review of a Stone’s Throw DJ set. Since I’m a staff writer for the USC Digital News parlour, it follows that some more stuff by myself should appear on the site in the near future.

That about all the big news I can handle for now. See ya later, friends, loved ones, and occasional web-surfers in Singapore and Italy that somehow trickle their way onto my blog.

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