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A NewsToon NewsToon

June 15, 2012

My mom ripped out a chunk of the Pioneer Press a few weeks ago and gave it to me — it said their new NewsToon program (“think animated editorial cartoons,” they said) was open to submissions, and they’d be posting a pick come June 15.

Animated cartoons aren’t necessarily my bag, baby. My hesitation to dive into this artform probably stems from the fact that my first and greatest work, a stop-motion piece depicting Bill Clinton wiping out on rollerblades, was lost forever due to a flaw in the camera’s alignment. I was in a summer school program after 5th grade when that happened, and I believe I cried.

But that’s all water under the bridge now. I whipped up a toon in Flash, and wouldn’t you know it they picked it for the site! Here it is:

It’s about Derek Boogaard, an MN NHL player who died in 2011. Thanks to recently released info, it has come to light that his expiration was result of extensive prescription drug abuse. That’s why I drew him getting smushed by a gigantic pill, because I’m clever, tactful, and decent with regards to sensitive political and personal issues.

I mentioned to Richard Chin, spear-header of the NewsToon program, that I heard a lot of talk about news groups using ‘new’-media graphics like cartoons and animations, but have been yet to see much action. In that regard, I was psyched to see his project.

He said that if the NewsToons initiative is going to take off, they were going to need more submissions. I’ll have keep an eye on how this idea evolves… what will be will be. And what doesn’t make money will probably get deleted off the newspaper’s site.

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